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Household Hazardous Waste Preregistration Form

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    Amherst Household Hazardous Waste Collection
    August 15, 2020
    Dispose of your hazardous waste safely and responsibly!


    *This registration form must be completed and submitted by 8/07/20
    * All Amherst, Pelham, Hadley, & Shutesbury residents may participate. Other non-Amherst residents may participate by special arrangement; please call 413-259-3049.
    * Businesses in communities listed above who generate small quantities of material may participate and will be charged for disposal cost. Please call 413-259-3049 to make arrangements.

    * Each Amherst household may bring up to 25 gallons or 25 pounds (or a combination) of material. Quantity is based on container size, not residual amount. Amherst residents will be charged for material in excess of that amount (details below).
    * If you have a small quantity of material we encourage you to team up with neighbors or family members before completing the registration form in order to reduce traffic at the event.

    * Non-Amherst residents will pay the full cost of the disposal unless the arrangement with their town government states otherwise.
    * Amherst residents: The Solid Waste Enterprise Fund will cover the cost of up to 25 gallons or pounds (or combination) of material from your household. You will be responsible for the cost of material in excess of that amount at the follow rates: $20 (up to 3 gallons/lbs), $30 (up to 10 gallons/lbs), or $50 (up to 25 gallons/lbs). Residents who do NOT own a current Transfer Station Sticker will pay a $20 participation fee to help offset costs.
    * All fluorescent blubs are subject to a $1 per bulb fee. Several area home improvement stores will accept them at no charge.
    * Cash and checks will be accepted. We are unable to accept credit cards.

    * NO LATEX/ACRYLIC PAINT products will be accepted at this event. Instructions for safe disposal of latex paints are available on the Town website:
    * See link below for a list of materials that will be accepted.

  4. Collection Date:
    Collection Location:

  5. Saturday, August 15, 2020 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
    Fort River Elementary School, 70 South East St

  6. Important for Shutesbury & Hadley Residents:

  7. Shutesbury and Hadley residents are responsible for covering the cost of their own waste at the price of $20 (for up to 3 gallons or pounds), $30 (for up to ten gallons or pounds) or $50 (for amounts over 10 but less than 25 gallons or pounds). Cash and checks (payable to Town of Amherst) will be accepted.

  8. Questions?
    Contact Amherst D.P.W by email (
    or by phone (413-259-3049).

  9. Contact Information

  10. Please include area code.

  11. Hazardous Materials Inventory

  12. A selection must be made for each category. List approximate gallons/pounds of each material.

    Quantity is based on container size, not residual amounts. Please be as accurate as possible with your estimates.

  13. Please provide detailed description AND quantity (e.g. one mercury thermometer or 3 gallons roofing tar).

  14. PLEASE NOTE: When your registration is accepted you will see a "Form Submission Confirmation" screen after you select the submit button. If you do not see a confirmation screen, something is missing from your application. Please review your entries, make sure all questions are answered and resubmit the application. If you would like to receive a copy of your submitted application via email, please check the "Receive email copy" box (below) and reenter your email address.

  15. IMPORTANT: You will receive an assigned appointment time via email several days prior to the event. Please print that email and bring it with you to the event. It will serve as your entry pass.

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